The Biointernet School

bb2The Biointernet School – non profit Research organization

since 2012

The Biointernet School – psychological development school

Contemporary technologies in Psychology, Biology, Physics, etc

The school for children, teenagers and adult

Workshop, Congress and Conferences International center

The Biointernet School, Prague

Welcome! Contact here


The Biointernet School 2014/15 Activity:

1. Seminars in different countries

For order seminar, please mail to You can choose theme here: Courses.

2. Experimental online-offline course Human Light System

Details on the Human Light System website

3. The Biointernet Expedition

Now on a testing mode. Soon available.

Connect through FB

Languages: Russian, Czech, Slovak, English, German


The Biointernet

The Biointernet

The Biointernet School Research Program:

Intuitive Information Sight (ISIIS)

The Biointernet Equipment

Healers Techniques 

Electrophotonics (IUMAB)


Leader Follow

Network connection 

Intuitive Painting 


Healing Digital Photography

How to download partner from The Biointernet

Intuitive Creativity

Biointernet Expeditions

Lucid Dreaming


and more Epigenetic techniques

The Reconnection
Human Design



  1. I am very interested in this work and developing a business around it in the US. Please contact me to explore the best means to work together.
    Kind Regards,

  2. Teresina Wickham

    I have followed my intuitive interests as this emergence of epiphenomenom grows into a viable and scientifically credible areas of application and life expanding enrichment. I live in New Mexico, US. Please enlighten me on how I can become involved.

  3. Dear Teresina, you can organise our seminars in New Mexico or you can fly to EU and participate on the workshop. Mail us to

  4. I have sent two mails 5 and 6 days back on with some queries but havnt received any reply.

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